Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by removing the outermost layers of your skin, creating a controlled injury to your skin. Compared to most chemical peels, our Optiphi Peel causes minimal redness or swelling during treatment, and our Dermapen/Microneedling solution similarly also causes minimal redness.

By piercing the skin with many tiny needles, your skin will start rejuvenating with far less epidermal damage, with far less discomfort.

We also offer our Dermaplane treatment, which does wonders for removing ‘peach fuzz’ and dead skin cells on your face. This can be a stand-alone treatment or is used to prepare the skin for your next cosmetic treatment. It’s a chemical-free exfoliation process, leaving your skin smooth and clean.

Even more exciting than that, our Cool Lifting Therapy is an innovative new skin treatment that targets your skin with cold CO2 at high pressures, inducing a chemical peel effect that is non-invasive and highly effective.

Hair Complex Therapy Treatment

No one is thrilled by the prospect of hair loss, but for many, it’s a very real reality. As a solution, we recommend turning to Hair Complex Therapy Treatment.

Growth factors are key in the regulation of cell activities and homeostasis, and our AQ Advanced Hair Complex is made of these growth factors. 

When these growth factors (otherwise known as cell signalling molecules) are applied to the skin they penetrate the dermis to stimulate further growth factor generation in the body, which will repair your skin and hair follicles. It’s also been used to reduce the appearance of ageing and acne.