The Waterlase

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The Waterlase

Dentist appointments can be quite daunting for some people, with fear of the discomfort that comes with many dental treatments. And the screeching of the drill in your ears and the pain and pressure on your teeth doesn’t help either. Or worse yet, the dreaded needle is enough to put many off that much-needed dentist appointment. 

But, patients will find Waterlase dentistry to be a very different experience. A painless treatment in comparison, the Waterlase is a revolutionary advancement in painless, non-invasive dentistry and hygiene, used in many routine dental procedures.

What is Waterlase?

The Waterlase is natural water-powered dentistry, a dental laser that combines air, water and laser energy. With each pulse of laser energy, the laser shoots forth a jet of cooling water to keep treatment gentle and comfortable. This revolutionary laser is used as a more patient-friendly alternative to dental drills

Benefits of Waterlase Laser Dentistry:

  • Painless: The laser energy is combined with a water spray to reduce heat and keep the tooth hydrated, keeping the procedure totally painless. This also negates the need for needles or anaesthetic, saving you from the pain of needles or post-dental treatment droopiness/numbness.
  • Natural: This form of dental treatment is all about combining natural elements to produce powerful results. Interestingly, our teeth are also made up of water, and the laser works to excite the water molecules in our teeth, helping the laser clean and cut through teeth effectively.
  • Hygienic: Any debris that’s broken free from your teeth, like plaque and tartar, is more easily removed from your teeth for easy cleaning. Because the Waterlase doesn’t make contact with the tooth itself, it also reduces the risks of cross-contamination. The Waterlase also comes with disposable tips that are changed out for each patient.
  • Precise: Dental drills are painfully inaccurate, removing large portions of healthy tooth structure when getting the job done. Grinding away at your sensitive teeth, the drill causes heat, pain, and cracks in your teeth that can lead to infections underneath your filling. But with the Waterlase, cavities can be cut out with precision, saving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. This gives a clean, intact surface for fillings to be placed in.
  • Versatile: The Waterlase is capable of a large variety of general dentistry procedures, allowing you to need only one appointment for a thorough treatment. The nature of the Waterlase also allows it to be used on both general and pediatric patients and makes treating children substantially easier. The laser is a lot less intimidating than a drill!