Airflow Therapy

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Airflow Therapy

Dentists have mostly turned to hand scaling, ultrasonic scaling and rubber cup polishing to remove biofilm from the mouths and teeth of patients. However, these methods can often be uncomfortable, gritty and time consuming for patients, and even proves ineffective at treating hard to reach areas. Effectively cleaning the mouth of biofilm, also known as plaque, is how dentists protect patients from oral diseases caused by bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. With Airflow technology, dentists can provide deep plaque cleaning quickly and painlessly.

How it Works

Airflow technology is the latest and greatest in air-polishing technology, removing biofilm and stains from teeth with kinetic energy. Using a blend of air, powders and water, dental specialists can clean teeth, implants and gum tissue effectively and effortlessly, reaching even the hardest to clean areas of the mouth. Once the teeth have been scored with Airflow technology, hygiene treatment specialists can then go over the teeth again with a hand scraping technique if necessary, before continuing with any further dental treatments.

Airflow is supported by a range of powders, including:

  • PLUS powder: made from erythritol, this powder is ideal for supra and subgingival biofilm cleaning and light to moderate stain removal. It’s safe for almost all surfaces and allows for safe, painless cleaning.
  • AIRFLOW Perio Powder: using glycine, this fine grain powder is adept at light to moderate stain removal. As it removes biofilm from the teeth, it supports disease prevention for periodontitis, mucositis, and peri-implantitis.
  • AIRFLOW Classic Comfort Powder: While other air polishing techniques often use a highly abrasive powder ranging from 60 to 120 microns in size, this comfort powder still offers strong cleaning for heavy stains with 40 microns. This still keeps treatment comfortable and painless for the patient, but effective at removing even the toughest stains.

The Benefits of Airflow

  • It’s as quick as it is effective, allowing specialists to work quickly. This also allows for more dental work to be done in less time. Airflow requires just one treatment for visible results.
  • It’s a painless, gentle procedure, allowing specialists to clean teeth and gums without hurting or damaging gum tissue.
  • It allows for deep cleaning and allows dentists to clean tooth structures they otherwise wouldn’t be able to clean, like implants. 
  • This thorough biofilm cleaning protects patients from tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.
  • It doesn’t just remove plaque; it cleans tooth discolouration and stains too.
  • The range of powders in this hygiene treatment allows for more versatile cleaning based on each patients’ needs and circumstance.