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Oral Hygiene

Looking for an Oral Hygienist in Cape Town?

Are you feeling less confident about your smile due to discoloured teeth?

We understand how it can happen, whether it’s due to your love for coffee, enjoying a glass of wine or quitting smoking. But don’t worry, there are professional ways to bring back the radiance of your teeth. At our clinic, we’re committed to providing the best care possible, and that’s why we offer the Zoom! teeth whitening treatment. Our approach involves using the EMS Prophylaxis Master and the Philips Zoom! system, trusted by dental professionals worldwide.

Let us help you achieve a brighter and more confident smile today!

Airflow Therapy With Fluoride TreatmentSave 47%

R 1,795

Per Month
  • Includes Panoramic X-Ray worth R995
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence Report worth R595

Airflow Therapy

R 1,595

Save 50%
  • Includes Panoramic X-Ray worth R995
  • Includes Artificial Intelligence Report worth R595

Dental Cleaning

R 995

Save 50%
  • Includes Panoramic X-Ray worth R995

Teeth whitening is an oral hygiene technique that involves lightening the colour of your teeth, either through changing the intrinsic colour of your teeth or through removing and keeping in check the formation of extrinsic stains. This chemical degradation process is known as bleaching.

Stained and discoloured teeth come from years of smoking and drinking tea, coffee, wine and soda. But at Cape Town Dental Emporium we’ll restore those pearly whites with Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening, one of our most popular oral hygiene treatments.

It takes only an hour to give you a smile you can be proud of and includes a full dental clean. You can always return for 30-minute long touch-ups if your teeth start to colour again, and maintain your sparkling smile with the Opalescence home bleaching kit you’ll receive every six months, on us.

Dental Cleanings

Maintaining an oral hygiene routine is an essential part of maintaining not only good personal hygiene but for your overall health as well. Proper teeth cleaning prevents oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease and prevents the development of stained teeth, bad breath, and cavities.

An essential part of good oral hygiene practices includes dental cleaning at least twice a year at your local dentist in Cape Town. Oral hygienists get to work cleaning the inside of your mouth, helping to keep your mouth healthy, clean, odour free, and glittering. 

The procedure starts with a physical examination to check your whole mouth for signs of gingivitis or any other potential concerns or major problems. Should they be found, your hygienist may consult the dentist to assess the situation further. 

From there the hygienist will get to work using a scaler to scrape the plaque and hardened tartar from around your teeth, focusing on the gum line and between your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is the best way to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar.

After cleaning your teeth thoroughly and rinsing with water and fluoride solution, your hygienist will apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth to help you combat cavities for several months after treatment. 

Before we proceed with any other hygiene or cosmetic dental procedures, it’s always wise to undergo a dental cleaning to provide us with the best teeth to work with, and the groundwork for a successful procedure.


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