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Artificial Intelligence Dentistry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dentistry In Cape Town

At The CDE, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest advancements in dental diagnostic practices. That’s why we are proud to be one of the first practices in Africa to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in our diagnostic procedures.

Dentistry Diagnostics Using AI

AI technology in dental diagnostics involves the use of deep learning algorithms, which are trained with large amounts of image data to assist dentists in diagnosing conditions and planning treatments. By analysing dental images, AI helps dentists make more accurate and consistent diagnoses, reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. Additionally, AI improves the speed of diagnosis, allowing dentists to treat patients more efficiently.

At CDE, we believe that implementing AI technology in our diagnostic procedures is crucial to providing our patients with the highest standard of dental care. With AI, our dentists are able to plan treatments more effectively, leading to better outcomes for our patients.

By choosing CDE, you can be confident that you are receiving cutting-edge dental care that is at the forefront of innovation in Africa.

Consultation fee R1250 including digital panoramic X-rays and AI assessment 

3D Cone Beam scan may be required at an extra R2500

What is a 3D Cone Beam scan?

3D imaging in dentistry is a cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to obtain detailed, three-dimensional images of a patient’s mouth, teeth, and jaw. This type of imaging is also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and it provides a more comprehensive view than traditional two-dimensional X-rays.

With 3D imaging, dentists can obtain detailed information about bone density, tooth structure, and soft tissue anatomy. This information is incredibly valuable when planning treatments such as dental implants, orthodontics, or oral surgery. 3D imaging also allows dentists to detect potential problems that may not be visible with traditional X-rays, such as impacted teeth or structural abnormalities.

The process of obtaining a 3D image is quick and painless for the patient. The machine rotates around the patient’s head, capturing multiple images that are then combined to create a comprehensive 3D view. The resulting image is available to the dentist immediately and can be viewed from multiple angles to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Overall, 3D imaging is a powerful tool that allows dentists to make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, leading to better outcomes for patients. Our dental practice is proud to offer this advanced technology to our patients, ensuring that they receive the highest quality care possible.

3D Cone Beam Scan Price: R2500

Need A Second Opinion?

At The CDE we understand that seeking dental treatment can be overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure about a diagnosis or treatment plan. That’s why we offer a second opinion service through our AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

Our second opinion service involves a quick and easy process. Simply book an appointment with us for a digital X-ray, and our AI technology will analyse the image and provide a report within seconds. Based on this report, we can provide you with a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan. Our second opinion service is designed to give you peace of mind and help you make informed decisions about your dental health. You are welcome to either have the treatment done at our clinic or to take the report back to your dentist for further discussion.

At CDE, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of dental care. We believe that offering a second opinion service through our AI technology is one way we can support our patients and help them make the best decisions for their dental health.

To book an appointment for our second opinion service, please contact us today.

AI Report Price: R595 

Should you need to consult with a dentist R1250 (includes AI report)


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