Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis

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Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis

  • Duration of results: 8-12 months
  • Recovery from treatment: 1-4 days
  • Risks and complications: Medium
  • Anesthetic: In Solution
  • Procedure Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Back to work: The same day / The next day

What is Ceccarrelli Lipolysis?

We’re always looking for new ways to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat in the quest for the perfect body contours. And new, innovative cosmetic solutions offer patients quick, painless, and non-invasive means of sculpting their bodies.

Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis is one of these new groundbreaking treatments. It’s a form of fat lipolysis mesotherapy discovered by Professor C Ceccarrelli, a regenerative and physiological scientist in Italy. It contains vitamin C and small amounts of iron, and when injected into the fat tissue it triggers a metabolic reaction called the Fenton Reaction. This results in the generation of hydroxyl radicals, which triggers the natural death of your fat cells. This process is called apoptosis and allows for aesthetic practitioners to shape and sculpt the contours of the face and body.

Is Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis good for weight loss?

No, Ceccarrelli injections are not to be seen as a substitute for weight loss. Lipolysis is intended for small pockets of fat, and cannot melt away the fat from say, a large tummy. For the best possible results, Ceccarrelli lipolysis should be done in conjunction with diet and exercise and should be used to trim away small amounts of stubborn fat for a smoother contour on an otherwise slim body. The death of these fat cells also doesn’t mean they can’t reform there should you gain weight again. Lipolysis is also not a substitute for liposuction.

These fat dissolving injections can be injected into the body and face including the following areas:
Face: fatty nasolabial bulges, fatty jowls, double chin, and fatty jawline
Body: resistant fat on the abdomen, inner thighs, love handles, bra bulges, upper arms, knees, ankles as well as cellulite bulges.

We specialize in the treatment of the facial area.

How are fat dissolving injections done?

The Ceccarrelli solution is mixed fresh for each procedure on the day by the practitioner, who is highly trained in this procedure. The mixture is injected into the localized fat pockets in a grid pattern. On the body, 1 ml per site (1 cm2) is injected. On the face 0.5 ml per site. This means the largest area that can be treated in one session is 2 hands in width, with a maximum of 200ml of solution that can be injected.

Patients may experience some discomfort, but we combine our solution with an anaesthetic to help minimize or negate this discomfort entirely. Because we specialize in the treatment of the face, procedures can take 15 to 20 minutes as opposed to other areas of the body, which take up to an hour.

How many treatments are needed:

With the Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis treatment, fewer sessions are needed as opposed to the traditional PC/Deoxycholate fat lipolysis which needs 6 to 8 treatments to get the same result. Treatments can be repeated every 3 – 4 weeks. On average 1 to 3 treatments are needed, but results can vary from patient to patient. It depends on the individual and the amount of resistant fat that needs to be dissolved.

How fast does Ceccarrelli work?

Typically improvements are slow and gradual, with improvement seen after 3 weeks. The best results are seen after 8 weeks of treatment.

Are Ceccarrelli fat injections safe?

This is considered a safe procedure, as it uses Vitamin C and iron as the solution to break down fat in a naturally occurring physiological process that involves the natural death of fat cells.

After the procedure

It’s important to always stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle after your procedure to stay at optimal body weight and void new fat cells developing in the treated areas.

Ceccarreli Fat Lipolysis

ZAR R2000 per 10ml

VAT incl.
  • Specialist: Dr. Pierre
  • Back to work the same day / the next day