Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis

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Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis

  • Duration of results: 8-12 months
  • Recovery from treatment: 1-4 days
  • Risks and complications: Medium
  • Anesthetic: In Solution
  • Procedure Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Back to work: The same day / The next day

What is Ceccarrelli Lipolysis

Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis is a new innovative Fat Lipolysis Mesotherapy solution formulated in the research laboratory of Professor C Ceccarelli, a regenerative and physiological scientist in Rome, Italy.

The new Ceccarelli solution uses the Fenton reaction / metabolism to enable the aesthetic practitioner to re-sculpt the contours of the face and body using a solution made up of Vit C and FE. The Ceccerrelli lipolytic solution, when injected, acts on the fat cells and causes a process of natural fat cell death (also called fat cell apoptosis)

How many treatments are needed:

With the Ceccarrelli Fat Lipolysis treatment, less sessions are needed as opposed to the traditional PC/Deoxycholate fat lyolysis which needs 6 to 8 treatments to get the same result. Treatments can be repeated every 2 – 4 weeks. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient but up to 3 treatments can be necessary over a 6 to 8 week period.

Ceccarreli Fat Lipolysis

ZAR R2000 per 10ml

VAT incl.
  • Specialist: Dr. Zak
  • Back to work the same day / the next day