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The Cosmetic Emporium has the best of the best treatments, allowing our doctors to assist and guide you with the below treatments.  We have your whole face covered from facial aesthetics to dentistry in Cape Town.

Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Take back your youthful appearance without undergoing any form of surgery with Botulinum toxin treatment. It’s delightful convenient and non-invasive, with quick procedure times and short recovery. It’s also inexpensive compared to other treatment options, with little to no preparation.

It’s the easiest way to plump up your features and get rid of unwanted lines, wrinkles, sagginess or sunken eyes. Patients also opt for botox and dermal fillers over surgery because the results are more subtle and natural, with no scarring. Be sure to follow our pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions carefully for optimal treatment.


Reduce and totally remove signs of ageing with the use of dermal fillers, giving you smoother, fuller, more youthful facial aesthetics. Ageing causes the loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin, making it harder for your skin to repair itself and snap back into place. But with dermal fillers, we can smooth out those wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and restore volume to your face.

They also induce collagen production, which helps your appearance age slower. The effects are long-lasting, lasting 8 to 10 months before you’ll need to undergo treatment again. Like Botox, our dermal fillers have only a short recovery time, and the treatment itself takes only 10 to 30 minutes. We’re renowned as one of the best botox and filler practitioners here in Cape Town.


There’s more than one way to reduce the telltale signs of ageing, and while some measures require surgery, many choose to opt for less invasive solutions such as threading. To reverse the clock, doctors can re-tighten your facial aesthetics by smoothing out wrinkles, sagging skin and bags under your eyes with the use of threading, which not only makes you look younger for around 18 months but also encourages your skin to increase its production of natural collagen, reducing the effects of ageing on your skin overall. 

Threading isn’t just used for facelifts either; it’s often used to cosmetically alter the appearance of your face as well, lifting your eyebrows, cheeks and neck, filling out your lips or even straightening and/or lifting your nose. With so many options available to you, it’s never been easier to look and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis

Ever had those stubborn pockets of fat on your face, neck or body that you can’t seem to shake no matter how thin you are, or how much weight you’ve lost? Diet and exercise-resistant fat cells are natural, but they need not be a burden to bear with the help of Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis treatment.

It’s a lipolytic solution that your doctor will inject into the trouble area, and this solution attacks the fat cells to cause natural fat cell death as opposed to reduction. This is a safe, regenerative treatment, and encourages your body’s natural processes for getting rid of fat cells. However, this is meant only for small areas of stubborn fat, and not for weight loss or treating obesity.


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