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Waterlase Laser Dentistry

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What Is Waterlase Laser Dentistry?

Waterlase laser dentistry is a cutting-edge dental technology that we proudly offer at The CDE. This innovative system utilizes laser energy, combined with a precise mixture of water and air, to perform a wide range of dental procedures.

With Waterlase, we can provide our patients with a minimally invasive, virtually painless treatment option that offers superior precision and faster healing times.

Benefits of Waterlase Laser Dentistry:

One of the key benefits of Waterlase laser dentistry is its versatility. Our skilled dental team can use Waterlase for both hard and soft tissue procedures, making it an excellent option for treating a variety of dental needs. For instance, Waterlase can be used for cavity preparation, gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, and even cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening. Additionally, Waterlase can also be used to treat gingival pigmentation, a common condition characterized by dark patches on the gums.

Another significant advantage of Waterlase laser dentistry is its non-invasive nature. Waterlase uses precise laser energy to remove damaged or diseased tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. This results in less discomfort for the patient and faster healing times, making it an ideal choice for those who are anxious about dental treatments.

Waterlase Laser At The CDE

At The CDE, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest in dental technology and the highest quality of care. By offering Waterlase laser dentistry as part of our comprehensive services, we can provide our patients with state-of-the-art treatment options that are tailored to their unique dental needs.

Our experienced dental team is trained in the use of Waterlase technology and will work with you to determine if this innovative treatment option is right for you.

Waterlase Laser Treatment Prices:

Gum / gingival recession gum lift with palatal graft

R 5000

per tooth

Laser assisted crown lengthening

R 5000

per quadrant

Laser Gum Depigmentation

R 4500

per jaw

Laser Gum Lift

R 1100

per tooth


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