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Cosmetic Treatments In Cape Town

With there being a number of direct flights available from Frankfurt to Cape Town, you will experience a streamline travelling process with no lengthy layovers and long flights. With being pioneers in the fields of facial aesthetics, general, cosmetic and aesthetically-driven rehabilitative dentistry, Dr.Wim and Dr.Zak have an exceptional reputation within the Cape Town and International community.

The Direct Flights

The average Frankfurt to Cape Town flight time is 11 hours and 51 minutes with low priced flights available by purchasing between one and 3 months in advance. With the distance from Frankfurt to Cape Town is 9,387 Kilometres, a direct flight will have you in sunny Cape Town in no time!

International Cosmetic Treatments

The Cosmetic and Dental Emporum boasts a wide range of diferent Cosmetic Treatments available such as Demtistry, Facial Aesthetics, Oral Hygiene and Skin Care. We pride ourselves in producing high quality results for our patients and ensuring there stay in South Africa is a memeorable one!

The Cosmetic and Dental Emporum offers eamless, added value for patients needing to travel to Cape Town for Cosmetic Treatments.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is travelling outside of one’s area of residence to another area, with the primary objective of receiving medical services. With the advancement of healthcare, people are no longer only travelling to access lifesaving treatment. They are now also choosing to travel to other countries in order to access wellness and cosmetic treatments. This is due to these treatments being too expensive in their country or not available.

Cape Town

People choose to travel in search of international medical treatment for reasons such as:

  • Poor domestic healthcare infrastructure.
  • An Expensive healthcare sector
  • Long waiting times for approval of medical procedures.
  • Specific medical and cosmetic treatments not being available.
  • The desire to experience another destination while they recover from their treatment.

Why is South Africa an ideal medical tourism destination?

South Africa is well-positioned as an ideal medical tourism destination in that it boasts the following characteristics:

  • World-class healthcare sector
  • The under-utilised private healthcare sector 
  • World-renowned doctors
  • Well-priced healthcare sector
  • Shorter waiting times for surgeries (Private Sector)
  • Highly rated tourism destination that caters to all tourists
  • English-speaking country
  • Favourable currency (vs US Dollar and Euro)

Treatments Offered:


Facial Aesthetics

Oral Hygiene

Skin Care

Today, the country is ranked by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as the leader in the African market for health tourism. South Africa offers a wide range of low-cost treatments, together with a level of professionalism and quality that sets its healthcare providers apart from the competition.

The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium would like to invite all foreign interests to contact us for more information regarding our medical safari packages.

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