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The CDE is proud to be one of the first clinics in Africa to be offering exosomes. Scientists believe that exosome treatments are the frontiers not only in medicine, but also in aesthetics.

It is believed to be a revolutionary rejuvenation treatment enabling the body’s DNA to go back in time. Many different indications for the potential benefit of exosome treatments exist and best is to do research on your specific condition. There are several clinical studies done on a magnitude of conditions.

The key benefits of exosomes lie in immune modulation of up to 80%, reduction in inflammation of up to 90%, cell regeneration of up to 80% and the improvement of cell-to-cell signalling of up to 70%.

We strongly recommend that we start the process by doing your DNA analysis through the MyDNAge Lab in Santa Monica. We simply collect your blood and send it for investigation to determine your DNA age. This helps us for monitoring your improvement after 4-5 months after treatment.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes have been shown to be key mediators of inter- and intra-cellular communication. Simply put, exosomes restore the way cells talk to each other. Cells tell each other what to do, what is happening around them, and can even control each other. To do this, exosomes contain information in the form of chemicals (cytokines) to little bits of messenger RNA.

(m-RNA). This allows them to deliver a distinct cargo of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids that reflects their cell of origin.

Exosomes are essential for the rejuvenation and health of your cells.

Research has shown that the tissue repair we have seen with the help of stem cells can be replicated with exosomes and cytokines. And by using the exosomes that the stem cells produce, you do not have to use the stem cells themselves for exosome treatment.

To do this, stem cells are grown in a culture with a medium. These stem cells produce exosomes, and once they have, the stem cells are removed. Because exosomes are so small, the media will be ultra-centrifuged to create a concentrate of exosomes, which forms the basis of Exosomes therapy.

The Exosomes released by regenerative cells such as stem cells, for example, are potent drivers of healing and repair.

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, like little micro-bubbles, that are released from stem cells. Exosomes act as signaling messengers for specific genetic information and proteins to other cells.

EVs allow for cell to cell signaling communication signaling communication, transporting molecules that are important regulators of intracellular information between closed and distant cells. Exosomes act as signaling messengers for specific and genetic information and proteins to other cells.

EVs allow for cell to cell signaling communication, transporting molecules that are important regulators of intracellular information between closed and distant cells. They carry information from place to place with different functions and purposes tell cells how and when to react.

Who may benefit from ExoScience total body region Exosome therapy?

Anyone. Exosomes may help regulate processes within the body.

  • Patients with inflammation and degeneration in the flowing areas:
    Neurological (includes MS, Parkinson’s but not limited to Research and our studies conducted has shown that Exosomes can penetrate the blood brain barrier and stimulate neuronal differentiation, neuronal growth, and suppress inflammatory processes within the
    brain tissue).
  • Eye degeneration (helps improve eyesight and regeneration of eye muscles) organ disorders/inflammation, outer immune disease, and other chronic degenerative disease.
    Exosomes effects the epigenetic system, repairing regenerating and making the heart, lungs, liver, and other organs more powerful. Patients may benefit from including Exosomes in their treatment regimen.
  • Exosomes are greatly beneficial as part of an anti-ageing therapy. Aesthetic plasma applications of facial regeneration and hair growth (scalp injections) is evident as ExoScience supersedes any current PRP therapy. Also positively affect sleep, libido, energy, strength, and endurance. (measure for this specifically in diagnostics).
  • Patience degenerative joint disease (or shoulder, knee, hip etc.). Exosomes isolated from Wharton’s jelly promotes cell viability and cell migration. These Exosomes contain valuable cargo which helps with acute and chronic wound healing, regeneration reducing inflation. Exosomes serve as the platform cartilage growth and repair.

How Exosomes may help you.

Exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells are referred to as the next frontier of cell therapy. Specifically, ExoSciences unparallel concentrated numbers of 10 billion, 50 billion and 100 billion per vile. Globally we are leading the market in medical science advancements, putting us on the platform for futuristic cell regeneration!

Exosomes are not cells, they are by products of the cells, 1000x smaller than cells. Exosomes play a vital role in the communication and rejuvenation of all the cells in your body. Numerous clinical studies indicate that the cell-to cell communication is important in maintaining a healthy cellular terrain.

Age, chronic disease, environmental factors, and genetic disorders can interfere with how our stem cells communicate with other cells, thus disrupting the healing process. Exosomes play a key role of this communication processes.

What is EsoScience Exosome therapy?

The practical functionality of exosomes is realized by exposing the cells of a younger organism, example pure Umbilical Cord Wharton’s jelly derived exosomes, to those of an older organism. These unique exosomes derived from the young Wharton’s jelly MSC umbilical cord stem cells are responsible for rejuvenating older “Adult” cells. This healing bio-activity mechanism can now be used in regenerative medicine.

A degenerative disease comes from a continuous deterioration of adult cells, affecting tissues and/or organs thus causes our cells to age. Adult steam cells are usually responsible for the rejuvenation of the host’s own cells; however, they may not be able to supply all the repairing information needed.

External exosomes have a great effect, by providing new pieces of information to support the healing process of your own stem cells and effect youthful cellular activity once more.

How is the therapy performed?

Depending on the therapy treatment protocol, Exosomes can be administered as an IV treatment or IV push, by injection into the intramuscular site, dermis, nebulized (for lung improvement), and nasal drops. As a part of joint rejuvenation therapy, Exosomes are administered into the affected joint area. Total body regeneration treatment is our signature 100 billion Exosomes therapy treatment affecting overall total body cellular repair and is for those individuals looking to turn back the biological clock tremendously (on average between 12 & 16 years within 5 months)

The dosing is individual to every patient and there is no set or established protocol although sure guidelines are recommended based on the treatment followed. In some cases, we noted that, Exosomes may be combined with focused ultrasound, frequency therapy or regional hypothermia which may help attract them to a certain area in the body. However, this is not required whatsoever.

What can I expect after the procedure? Are there any side effects?

Exosomes therapy is usually performed at a doctor’s office on outpatient bases. Most patients leave the clinic /practice without any down time. The patient will not experience any discomfort. It is quick and easy intramuscular or IV treatment.

Side Effects: Less then 2% of patients have reported developing a mild fever, headache, or nausea. However, these side effects have never lasted more than 2 days and usually resolve within 24 hours. No long-term negative side effects have been reported. There is no risk of cancer or migration. Only health benefits have been reported, with patients not only looking younger, but feeling it too.

When can I resume physical activity?

To gain an optimal response from Exosome therapy, we recommend the following:

  1. Refraining from anti-inflammatory medication
  2. No over strenuous activity for the first 24-48 hours
  3. Resume cardio workouts after 3-4 weeks
  4. After four weeks resume any weightlifting and running activity if part of your prior routine.

Is there any risk of them forming teratomas?

No. Exosomes are NOT embryonic stem cells. Exosomes do not multiply. Exosomes transfer valuable biological signals to the recipient’s tissues and facilitate the normalization of various pathological processes.

Will people need multiple rounds of Exosomes, and if so, how should they be spaced apart?

In some case a follow-up treatment may be advised. There is sustainable data about standard dosing and the treatment is as individual as the response. Some patients may need single application set of treatments, while others need multiple doses or a small booster therapy. In some cases, therapy may start with a small initial dose which is increased over time.

Are Exosomes safer then stem cells?

Both stem cells and exosomes have their place in a treatment protocol. This depends on what the treating physician is trying to accomplish. When performed correctly, treatment with exosomes and/or stem cell therapy is safe. Therapy with exosomes may carry a lower risk of complications as exosomes do not require on invasive surgical procedure for harvesting and contain zero inherent risk factors to the recipient as is with stem cell and bone marrow transplant therapy.

Critically, exosomes are inherently less risky.

Exosomes do not proliferate but rather transfer valuable biological signals to the recipient’s tissues and facilitate the normalisation of various pathological processes. They are the cell-to-cell messengers.

Exosomes are simpler, safer, and more easily stored and transported.

What lab do you source Exosomes from?

Exosomes are sourced and produced from laboratory grade, GMP certified mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s). Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem cells produce the exosomes with the correct expression and purification for our use. We have our own GMP labs in EU, in which we produce exosomes.

How are the Exosomes screened for safety? Is there any risk of viruses being passed on through Exosomes?

The starting material (Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem cells) are GMP laboratory grade, meaning they have been screened for disease, viruses, and bacteria. Once the exosomes have been extracted from the stem cell, the stem cells are discarded. The finished exosomes solution is sterile, filtered according to the standard EU pharmaceutical regulations for sterility and 100% safety.

How long do Exosomes work in The Body? What is the timeline?

Exosomes trigger a bi-phasic response. First, an intermediate reaction. This usually lasts about 24hours until the initial proteins have been broken down. Then the messenger mRNA, which has been inserted into the target cells becomes active and helps reprograming the cell. This usually takes 6-8 weeks. The total timeline is between 8-12 weeks.

The continued effects may continue for 6-to-9 months afterwards.

Do they multiply in the first 100 Days or only work at signalling cells without multiplying?

Exosomes do not multiply themselves but can assist other cells in their proliferation by inserting missing cell information in them. This bi-phasic response will last approximately 3-4 months and influences your own stem cell activity in your body positively.

Do Exosomes help with chronic inflammation?

Most definitely. Recent research has shown that stem cell-derived exosomes have anti-inflammatory potential and induce high levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines and can therefore greatly assist to regulate the inflammatory response.

In addition, they can also inhibit abnormal macrophage activation. The macrophage is a large white blood cell that is an integral part of the immune system. Its job is to locate microscopic foreign bodies and ‘eat’ them. Herein ExoSciences advanced Exosomes from Wharton’s jelly umbilical cord greatly reduces inflammation in the body. However disproportional macrophage activation can induce undesirable inflammatory processes.

What are the signs that Exosomes are working and when can a person expect to see the benefits?

The bi-phasic response can be accompanied by a certain set of symptoms. These indicate that the exosomes are assisting in the repair and regulation process. In the initial phase, patients generally report a reduction of their inflammatory symptoms, also better sleep, more energy, strength, endurance, libido, better looking skin and a more optimized feeling of wellness.

After 6-8 weeks, the second phase of the response takes place in which the information the exosomes transferred to the cells is used by the cells to regulate and reprogram the cell function and aid in repair process.

Typically, on Exoscience total body regime of 100 billion Exosome treatment over a course of 3 months around 16 years of a subject biological clock is achieved. Early benefits of therapy are observed in 3-4 months and each month patients report betterment of overall state. However, Exosome continue to do their work up to 9-12 months. Afterwards and continued benefits are noted by patients who see and feel the benefits.

Kindly contact our clinic to see what protocol would be best for you and how many treatments are indicated.


Exosomes manufactures notes that the FDA have not approved Exosome as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. It is their aim to achieve this. Clinical studies have been conducted and are successful. Wharton’s jelly Exosomes are processed at a registered GMP laboratory facility. This summary does not contain any medical advice. All statements and opinions on this publisher are meant for educational and informational purposes only. ExoScience manufactures utilizers Exosomes derived from human umbilical cords donated from healthy live births within Lithuania and is EU standards approved. We are not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigation or illegal drugs. We don’t claim that any Wharton’s jelly applications, or potential applications are approved to be effective, as with other stem cell and bone marrow therapy on the market in use today, nor do we make any claims how Wharton’s jelly procedures work for any listed or unlisted condition, either intended or implied. All patients are encouraged to do their own research to make a fully informed decision.

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